While the Apple Watch has no doubt been a magnificent, timeless piece for many both who enjoy jewelry, as well as “techies” who could shell out the cash, it’s likewise had its share of problems when it comes to sales and popularity.
With over 9 million Apple Watch unit sold to-date, but, with conflicting data and reports regarding actual sales to customers, doubt is cast onto its actual popularity. In fact, as of 2017 sales could have fallen as much as 70% in just two years. And, although Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken to Reuters, major news outlets, and the public to defend the product, a lot of customers have continued returning their Apple Watches, or, simply went with another ‘smart watch’ device.
The Apple Watch, as beautiful as it is, sophisticated, and intuitive (such as its Siri functions), the battery power in both Series, even in light of the new added features and power-saving changes remains a serious area of complaint. None the less, a continued problem that the public and Apple fans alike might agree on is, understandably, the extraordinary pricing of just one of these units – easily topping $350 for just a base model.
Although, with the Apple Watch Series 2 unit the new, advanced GPS System, increased battery size, power, music playback, and heart-rate monitor together has brought both great advancements in technology and sales appeal – as well as battery altering functionality. And yet, with customers previously complaining of only getting approximately 12 hours or less total from the original Apple Watch, tests and customers have happily reported being able to reach up to 24 hours with “medium” use and keep going.
Ultimately, though, as sophisticated (and larger) as the Apple Watches are, the alternatively and comparably sophisticated, more affordable, and arguably original Pebble Smart Watch Series conquers all in terms of appeal and marketability. In fact, the new Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel have been reported to last users as much to up to a week of regular use, and with over 8 times more power, and for a fraction of the cost, it is less of a mystery why new customers and Apple users alike are abandoning ship and jumping onto “The Pebble Train.” And, while the Pebble Steel was arguably one of the most popular choices in the past, the new Pebble Time series offers a full (64) color “e-paper” screen, and although not “touch-screen”, does offer nearly identical Apps, program, and system abilities or functions.
Customers would describe the screen of the new Pebble Watch Time as ‘enjoyable’, ‘sufficient’, and even ‘retro.’ In fact, think of the old-school Giga pets if you can, and you’ll understand the differences, in contrast, adjustment, and any variance in vibrancy of colors. Although, in fairness, the Pebble Time watch screen also stays on non-stop, while the Apple Watch must be awakened in comparison – and falls tremendously short in terms of battery life.